Announcement Detail

Announcement: George Joffe joins workshop “Boundaries and Territory in the Gulf Region” as Co-Director

Thursday Mar 28, 2013

Dr. Richard Schofield, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geography at King’s College London and Director of the workshop ‘Boundary and Territory in the Gulf Region’ announced the addition of George Joffe of the University of Cambridge as co-director for the workshop.

Dr. Schofield issued the following statement:

"I'm delighted to announce that George Joffe will be joining me as co-convenor of the “Boundaries and Territory in the Gulf Region” workshop at GRM 2013 in Cambridge this summer. Not only is he a good friend, an established authority on territorial politics in the wider Middle East region but he's also based in Cambridge - at the University's Centre for International Studies. This is a massive boost for the conduct of what already looks like an interesting workshop".