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Employing Museums and Archaeological Sites as Educational Resources for Histories, Narratives and Cultural Identity: Museum of Islamic Art and Al-Zubarah Site in Qatar as Case Studies
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Museum is not only a place to store and display cultural objects, but a unique educational institution attesting past generations and cultures beyond words and texts.

As such, the architectural remains and material culture revealed at the archaeological sites could also be employed as an open museum for education. By deciphering the discoveries’ codes, scholars can attest the characteristics of the past settlements and shed light on the relevant people’s cultural identity, histories, economy, trade exchange with the surrounding regions.

On his capacity as an instructor of history and archaeology at Qatar University, the presenter has been exposing his history students to the potentials and roles of the uncovered architecture and material culture in enriching the course material with first hand data attesting historic events, narratives as well as strengthening the people’s cultural identity.

In applying this teaching philosophy, the presenter has been using the museum of Islamic art (Doha) and the late Islamic archaeological site of al-Zubarah north west of Qatar - where the presenter has excavated for four seasons - have been used as educational and learning venues for off-campus history classes.

Through this paper, the presenter will share his teaching experience in both venues focusing on the following:
-To what extent the museum of Islamic art, Doha, could strengthen cultural identity and re-tell histories and narratives on the past societies, organizational behavior and daily life practices.
-How the archaeological site of Al-Zubarah and its revealed material culture could serve as educational recourses in teaching and learning alike.
-Reflection and feedback of the students as described in their field reports including recommendations for enhancements.