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Green Banking
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" Green Banking " or green finance
Introduction / contextualization - Green Finance and Green Economy

The green economy took shape in the context of a multiple crisis : economic and social environment , .
In the definition given by UNEP, the "green economy" is an " economy that results in improved human well- being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and the lack of resources."
The green economy is to implement sustainable development in economic activity. The latest UNEP report says that to move towards a green economy, we must invest 2% of GDP per year by 2050 in 10 key sectors would drive the transition to a low- carbon resource- used more efficiently . The sectors include agriculture, construction , energy , fishing , forestry , manufacturing , tourism , water, transport and waste management.
The green economy can be defined as an economy in which economic prosperity goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability.
" Green Banking " is reflected in the establishment and adoption of environmentally friendly business and financial practices of the environment. In other words , going green for the banking sector appears as a practical step in protecting the environment through investment in resources and ecological services, such as climate stability and biodiversity, while offering a real opportunity for profit , employment and growth.
The general objectives of " Green Banking " related to the responsible management of resources and the prevention of waste while giving priority to societal and environmental components . The banking sector can play a vital role in encouraging other industries to "go green" through the promotion of sustainable financing mechanisms and incentives to promote good environmental practices. Finally, banks may also increase sustainable initiatives within their own operations by reducing their own carbon footprint , controlling costs and implementing recycling process.
The main objective is to promote environmental integration and implementation in all sectors of the economy , strengthening the capacity of banks and financial institutions at the regional level so that they can promote and apply the principles of " Green Banking ".
 Example: the tools of Green Banking.