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The GCC Utilities - Consumption Challenges and Energy Efficiency Opportunities
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The GCC Utilities – Consumption Challenges and Energy Efficiency Opportunities
Current research has focused on the phenomenal increase in the consumption of water and electricity in the GCC and the issues of sustainability, stability and economic impact on the countries. While demand is indeed rising and tariffs continue to be subsidized, some countries are looking for novel approaches to managing demand and introducing energy efficiency technologies as well as diversifying energy sources.
This paper focuses on some of the approaches being adopted in the UAE and in particular Abu Dhabi where the annual growth in power consumption has been over 10% in recent years versus an average increase in GDP of 4%. This is in stark contrast to China where both rates were about 9%.
The approaches range from adequately maintaining chillers of air conditioning equipment – which account for about 70% of consumption – and has the potential to reduce demand by 30%, to installing smart meters at customer premises, to automation of distribution networks and building a smart grid for the emirate. These techniques coupled with the recently unveiled 100 MW solar plant and the 1400 MW expected from nuclear energy in 2017 will reduce Abu Dhabi’s consumption of gas and direct it to other usages.