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HR Challenges in the Gulf Oil and Gas Sector
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The HR practice has been changing in the Oil and Gas sector around the world, and has been facing serious challenges lately. Changes and challenges have certainly been reflected on the energy sector in the Arab Gulf given the nature of the Gulf employment market and its anatomy.
Most of the challenges are related to attracting, developing and retaining qualified staff – a process known as Talent Management. The unfavorable results of under-staffing and lack of employee engagement will come with a high cost to the O&G Company.
This paper will try to present the concept of Talent Management in general along with its ability to help the oil and gas sector in the Arab Gulf region to deal with HR challenges. It also highlights factors that may hinder the implementation of Talent Management in the Gulf region.
The paper will look at the high costs of attrition in the Gulf oil and gas companies. It will also analyze the cost generators in situations of high turnover of employees.
It will also examine the impacts of the international oil and gas job markets over the dynamics of the regional job market, particularly with the changing demand and supply structure of the oil and gas market worldwide. Special consideration will be given to the increase in supply of hydrocarbon and the impact on the job market.
A special emphasis will be put on Nationalization strategies in the Gulf, along with some related challenges like the pressure on companies to hire and develop nationals.
The deployment of international HR systems and practices on the Gulf oil and gas companies will be examined to evaluate the need for a distinct system for the region.
With over 50 nationalities sometimes working in one company, and the emphasis on multiculturalism as part of the organizational culture, the paper will try to examine multiculturalism and whether it is an asset or a challenge to companies.
The methodology of the research will depend mainly on published an unpublished reports and views of experts, and the personal analysis of the writer.
Finally, it will try to come with recommendations on how to deal with the described challenges.