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Integrating Iraq in the Gulf Region: Possibilities and Threats
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Integrating Iraq in the Gulf Region: Possibilities and Threats
The Cooperation Council for The Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) was created in May 1981 as a response to Iran and Iraq war that started 8 months earlier, other GCC countries felt the threat of the conflict of two large regional powers.
Also, the collapse of the International bipolar system and the emergence of the United States as a major actor fighting terrorism, affected many areas in the World including the Arab region, by transporting the core of the conflict in the region from the Arab Levant to the Arab Gulf. Few Arab Israeli squabbles took place, But the center of events was shifted toward oil rich countries. These events was accompanied by the emergence of nonfinite number of non state actors, including: armed groups, ethnic minorities, and oil multinationals.
Despite the difference between Iraq and Iran in matter of religion, language and political goals, they present high degree of threat to the region simultaneously. In the last few years Iran played crucial role in Iraq, making use of the decrease of American interest in Iraq and internal ethnic conflicts that made Iraq integration in the Arab and Gulf context unreachable end.
Despite of Iraq policies toward other Gulf region, fragmented Iraq could put the security of the region under pressures especially when it comes to nonsymmetrical threats. It is essential to integrate Iraq in the Gulf region and in the Arab context that having two Irans can drastically change the future of the Gulf.
This paper briefly reviews the current situation of Iraq's relations to neighborhood countries, and with GCC countries. And it presents the possibilities of Iraq integration and the anticipated risk with each possibility
Finally to achieve Iraq integration in the Gulf region and in the Arabic context, the proposed possibilities include institutionalizing GCC initiatives toward Iraq, supporting certain political change in Iraq, enhancing the economic linkages with Gulf and Arab states, and inventing social and culture policies. These possibilities and recommendations need to be enacted through the main political partners in the region specifically Iraq neighborhood countries, GCC countries, USA, and the Arab League.