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Relationship between FEARAB- Argentine and Gulf countries : Beyond the economic motivations
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FEARAB (Federation of Argentine- Arab Entities) is one of the most influential Arab institutions in Argentina. One of the main objectives of FEARAB is to establish closer relationships with the Arab countries through the Arab community existing in the country. FEARAB has become today an institution very active and engaged in conflicts in the Middle and Near East. FEARAB has always developed strong links with the Gulf countries since being set up in the 1970s, but its real promoting relations with the Gulf countries dates back to the 1990s when Argentina takes part in the Gulf War with sending troops in the international coalition against the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq. This commitment has opened significant business opportunities with United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The Gulf countries represent today a significant “Fundraiser” in promoting cultural activities of Arab countries in Argentina:\"La Semana de la Cultura Arabe\" (the week of arab culture) is a major cultural event that is sponsored mainly by Gulf countries. The FEARAB will also help the Gulf States to organize their own cultural events such as the \"Semana Cultural de Arabia Saudita \" ( The cultural week of Saudi Arabia). That bring us to the question of the main motivations needed to understand the attention devoted by the Gulf countries to the strong factor of civil society which is FEARAB ? What role was played by the FEARAB in promoting the culture of the Gulf countries in Argentina. How to explain the financial support from the Gulf countries to FEARAB? How public opinion has been used as a lever for action?