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El Saddik
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Transition toward sustainable development: Sustainable consumption and production opportunities and challenges in GCC
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This paper aims at evaluating the progress made since the Arab Regional Strategy for sustainable consumption and production 2009. It prescribes policy options and drivers for a transition toward sustainable consumption and production.
The economic development of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states over the last three decades has been achieved at unprecedented rates but at uncalculated cost to the region’s scarce natural and environmental resources. Similar to other countries, GCC states are increasingly being faced with the need to seek a balance between the social and economic development and environmental performance, through a transition from the traditional patterns of growth towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. SCP aims at increasing the net welfare gains from economic activities by reducing resource use, degradation and pollution, while enhancing the quality of life. Its themes would become therefore powerful levers to accelerate the transition to achieve sustainable development, as stipulated in Agenda 21, Johannesburg Plan of action and Rio+20 Outcome Document “The Future We Want”.
More recently, GCC States have embarked in many initiatives toward sustainability in the transport, energy and water sectors, as affirmed in the Arab Regional Strategy for sustainable consumption and production (2009). Nevertheless, the demand for energy worldwide and regionally is expected to keep energy production and consumption rates high, extending dependence on such fossil fuels as oil and natural gas for many years to come. Besides, water consumption rate is foreseen to outpace the natural rate of recharge of renewable freshwater resources and the production of non-conventional water resources. This situation is likely to worsen in the face of climate change and the continued challenges associated with the scarcity of water resources in the region.
Based on the overall SCP framework, this research paper questions the key issues related to the regional SCP priorities, explores opportunities and challenges facing GCC states.