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Improving the sustainable development in the Gulf:Raising awareness as a Tool
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Improving the sustainable development in the Gulf:
Raising awareness as a Tool
Nilly Kamal, PhD

Regardless the level of richness or development of the country, limitation of resources is a general concern for all countries in all regions in the world. However, better awareness means better achievements at levels of environment, economy and other aspects of live.

This paper raise an assumption of that improving the awareness level of ordinary people as well as decision makers in a given society is an essential and effective, if not the most important tool, for improving the development and hence sustainability of that given country.

At the GCC level, non-renewably nature of most of energy resources in the Gulf, mainly oil, makes working on awareness of people a must. Not to mention that the importance of diversifying the economic structure to include things/ items other than oil trade to achieve the economic sustainability.

The paper will try to answer the following question: How strong is the environmental awareness in the GCC and what are the best practices to make it improved?

In this context, this paper will try to look at awareness as a concept and analyze it into sub-concepts. In addition to that, the paper will evaluate at the role of state and non-state actors in the Gulf in raising the people environmental awareness and will try also to introduce the new areas they can play in that field to reach an overall goal of sustainable development in the GCC.