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hassan bilal
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The Obama Administration and New Middle East Policy
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The seeds of conflict between Arab and Israeli Jews grew gradually and resulted in catastrophic wars and nuclearization of the Middle East. The US promoted peace and sustaining economic development in the region to counter expanding Soviet influence. Therefore, US policymakers emphasized on stability in the Middle East. It was a right approach to counter prevailing threats of Cold War in the restive Middle East. Although the US policy towards Middle East often appeared to be ambivalent and inconsistence, yet stability and security remain its inherent features. The political, ideological and military developments are consistent challenges to hardliners of Middle East policy in the US. In Obama’s view, effective peace negotiations are dependent on pre-1967 borders of Israel and Palestine while ceasing the establishment of Jewish settlements. Moreover, the fate of Palestinian refugees and prevention of terrorist activities are integral components of new US’s Middle East Policy. In this way, President Obama introduced new Middle East policy, by assigning it priority in the US foreign policy agenda. On the other hand, it is an effective strategy which engages both parties in dialogues or to discuss their point of disagreements. The new Middle East policy of the US has challenges and constraints simultaneously, which is a core question of this work. This research attempts to highlight the future complications of Obama’s Middle East policy while highlighting the core concerns of Israel and Palestine. Moreover, this endeavour will analyze the factors which has undermined (constraints) and encouraged (opportunities) the potential of Obama’s new Middle East policy.