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The role of private/business sector in fostering bilateral relations between the UAE and Latin America
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The UAE, as a major gateway to the region, plays a significant role in enhancing the economic and diplomatic involvement of Latin America not only in the Gulf, but also in the wider MENA and Asian countries. The flexible business environment in the UAE and Dubai in particular, offers international investors a vibrant and attractive destination. However, given the nature of today’s globalized world that is primarily driven by trade and economic interests, new bilateral and diplomatic relations are built essentially to develop business and investment opportunities. The role played by non-state actors actually leads to new opportunities, wider political, economic and social collaborations among countries.

This paper tries to fill the dire gap in the available literature related to the role of non-state actors in fostering relations between Latin America and the Gulf countries. More specifically, it explores the role the business/private sector has played to bring closer the diplomatic relations between Latin America and UAE. It is based on interviews with high level diplomatic personalities in the UAE represented by the Consuls General of Brazil and Peru. These two countries are respectively the first and second major Latin American countries that the UAE exchanges trade and services with. It also interviews business leaders representing various Latin American countries in the UAE to identify how they have managed to bring the governments of Latin America closer to that of the UAE.

The purpose of the paper is to identify the challenges that face these non-state actors in establishing businesses in the UAE. Moreover, it lays out the opportunities that Latin American countries and UAE can enjoy by fostering not only economic ties, but also cultural and educational partnerships. The paper concludes with recommendations to policy makers in both the UAE and Latin American countries on how to foster partnerships and establish an environment where non-state actors can be more effective and dynamic.