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George Katodrytis,
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The UK Genetic Testing Network, its role and achievements.
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Mark Kroese on behalf of the UK Genetic Testing Network

This session describes the UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) organisation and the ‘Gene Dossier’ genetic test evaluation process. A brief review of the UKGTN genetic test evaluation experience and the development of testing criteria will be presented. In addition, examples of UKGTN policy developments and other outputs will be described.

The Department of Health (England) supported the establishment of the UKGTN in 2002. The primary aim of the UKGTN is the promotion of equity of access for patients and their families to genetics advice, diagnosis and management via local NHS clinical genetics centres. It advises the National Health Service (NHS) on genetic testing for inherited disorders. This involves evaluating new genetics tests through its Gene Dossier process and making recommendations to commissioners on new NHS clinical genetics services. The UKGTN also provides an advisory role to the Department of Health on national policies relevant to clinical genetics services.

The UKGTN covers a range of activities, which are summarised below:

• Strategic: to advise on medical genetic service developments and undertake specific projects to promote equity of access to clinical genetic services

• Healthcare Purchasing: to inform future service and purchasing policy within the NHS in the UK

• Laboratories: to provide assurance on the quality of testing services and promote services that are fit for purpose, comparable and efficient

• Evaluation of new genetic tests: evaluate new tests for scientific validity and clinical utility that member laboratories wish to provide on a national basis and makes recommendations to NHS healthcare purchasers