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The perils of duplicate expectations
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My paper examines the danger of reflecting on other historical revolutions and rendering the perceived similarities with the recent Arab revolutions; starting from the European Spring Revolution of 1848 to the Latin American last century's Revolutions. Historical similarities ought not to be taken as guidelines to the future of the socio-cultural-economical Arab world. These elements are indicative symptoms of regional problems. Hence, pre-made presumptions are false calculations. And the essence of the real change has not been addressed. An intellectual organic revolution that has not yet been manifested is the solution to a true progress.
I argue that duplicating expectations stops this organic progress of change. This abortion of the free flow of an evolutionary process would most likely result in an authoritarian regime of governance and preparing a breading ground for extremism.
I perform this examination in relation to the sphere of modern latin american regions. I take as a case in point the historical socialist and communist movements of the last century in the Gulf and revive the misguided expectations that were built on the basis of the Latin American paradigm. I base my study on the hight of the Pan Arabism in Egypt and South Yemen during the sixties and its equivalent temporal era in Cuba and the pre Rene Barrientos Bolivia. First, I address certain perceived contextual similarities, then I tackle certain differences within the pattern of historical development (of the above countries).
This paper attempts to shed light on the importance of recognising the differences and similarities of a historical process, and yet observe its uniqueness. Hence, it makes it easier to understand the current needs that the Arab block and the Latin American countries might intrinsically provide to each other. For Latin America is an ideal partner for the intellectual and the economical progress of the Gulf region.