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Al Suwaidi
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The rise of a new energy diplomacy in the Gulf: drivers and implications
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As the heart of the world's hydrocarbon economy, Gulf countries have traditionally been seen as taking a skeptical posture towards clean energy and climate policy, given the common perception that both are threats to their core economic interests. Efforts to make the case for a more positive stance have generally focused on the finite nature of oil supplies, and preparation for their exhaustion.

However, in recent years a reappraisal has begun, and the beginnings of a shift in policy, by countries such as the UAE, are visible. This shift has a number of drivers, including concern about climate impacts and the importance of climate change in a broader diplomatic posture. But there
are also increasingly compelling economic reasons for Gulf countries to adopt new clean energy technologies. This paper will examine the drivers behind the changing policy stance in the Gulf, and consider whether this
is likely to be lasting. It will further ask how the energy landscape of the Gulf will evolve as a result of this new approach. Finally, it will discuss the implications for broader international policy of a more varied diplomatic approach from Gulf countries.