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A Review of Iran\'s Concerns about India\'s Presence in the Persian Gulf Region
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The collapse of the Soviet Union had deeply changed the structure of International system. At the beginning of the new millennium, everyone is talking about \"globalization\" of values and identities and construction of common interests in the global society. In fact, the 1990s have witnessed the emergence of a new ‘constructivist’ approach to international relations studies with a deep affect on promoting a sociological perspective on world politics. With this regard, identities are significant because they provide the basis for defining interests of different states.
Based on new constructivist approach for analyzing international relations, this article is an attempt to examine the role of differences of identities in shaping the interests of different players in the Persian Gulf region, with an emphasis on three main players namely Iran, India and the GCC countries.
Definitely, India\'s \"Look West Asia\" policy has not only some affects on Indo-Iran relations but also can complicates the game of power and competitions between Iran and its regional rivals and international foes. On the other hand, from a constructivist aspect, the identical differences between India and the Persian Gulf countries\' political structures may create a hard constrain to improve the idea of a broader cooperative security approach between the South and West Asian countries and as a result, prepare the situation for India\'s collaboration with the international society to make structural changes in the region.
The main purpose of this paper is to understand Iran\'s main concerns about India\'s increased presence in the Persian Gulf region. Regarding to this main question, the author will try to analyze the impacts of India\'s presence in this region on Iran\'s national security concerns on three bilateral, regional and global levels.

Key words: Iran, India, GCC, Geopolitics, Identity