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Do Latin American countries still dream about Arab investment? The case of Brazil and Chile.
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After a brief historical background about the frustrated attempts to attract Arab Petrodollars in the 70s, the presentation aims to analyse Brazilian and Chilean efforts that have been made since more or less a decade, to seduce these partners again.
First, we will observe that Brazil and Chile leaders have travelled to the Gulf countries; with explicit economic goals and that they have also promoted commercial missions. In recent years, commercial exchanges have soared, but these two countries would like to expand theses links to the financial sphere.
Then, we defend that the some diplomatic choices may have helped a rapprochement, especially concerning the Palestinian issue.
For instance, Brazil and Chile have recognized Palestine as a State, respectively at the end of 2010 and at the beginning of 2011. That decision brings them closer to the position of Arab States on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Also, Brazilian and Chilean governments have to deal with strong Arab communities at home, that may influence their interests toward the Gulf. The ChileArab Council is one example.
Finally, some results began to appear in the wake of the international financial and economic crisis. This coincidence allows us to recall the importance of the context in the development of stronger relations between Latin America and The Gulf.
Even if some investments are entering Brazil and Chile, much remains to be done on that point.