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Clean Energy in the GCC International Relations: Challenges and Opportunities
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Workshop 16
The Political Economy of Clean Energy Solutions in the GCC
Clean Energy in the GCC International Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Nilly Kamal Elamir, PhD

The Gulf has geopolitical importance due to its oil reserves. However, this central importance might face some challenges as the climate change issue and awareness about it getting increased. Similarly, the alternatives for oil is rapidly paving its way, these alternatives include new and renewable energy.

Looking at clean energy strategy in a given country or a given region is a quadruple levels one. These levels are: The society awareness, the economic and institutions capabilities, the research and scientific level and political decision level.

In this respect, this paper will shed light on the status of developing clean energy in the Gulf region based on the four levels mentioned above. It also will compare between the roles of actors play in this matter: the government, the private sector, the community level and in addition to the international networks the of gulf.

On other words, the paper raises the following question:
Where the clean energy is located in the Gulf politics and to what extend this level reflects the Gulf own capabilities from one side and the current world wave for replacing the energy with new energy and clean energy from another side and the international links the Gulf has from third side?

In this regard, the paper will (tentatively) divided into the following sections:
- The Political Perspective of Clean Energy in the Gulf.
- The Current Clean Energy Projects in the Gulf.
- The Role of Private Sector and Foreign Investment on Enhancing the Clean Energy Projects in the Region.
- The Future of Clean Energy in the Gulf.

It is to mention also that based on the paradigm the paper will draw to analyze the status of clean energy in the Gulf region, the paper will look also at the nature of interaction between the said angles and the degree of influence each of them has.