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‘India – GCC Energy Dynamics and the Changing Trends’
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Abstract: Energy that is central to the relations between India and the Gulf. In the midst of increasing demand for energy within the region and heavy import expectancy for hydrocarbons from the Asian economies like India, the historical and traditional knot has transformed into economic ties. The Gulf region provides a large per centage of India's oil and gas imports. Nearly, 70 per cent of India’s crude imports come from the Gulf region, primarily from Saudi Arabia, while nearly 75 per cent of LNG comes from Qatar. Thus, the paper intends to address the issue of energy security for India in the context of its growing imports from the region. The paper would also examine the Gulfs shift from west to east, the movement of global capital and its implications on energy operations. The shift from oil to gas was mainly due to environmental concerns. However, oil and gas being a non – renewable resource will reach its peak soon. This acted as an eye - opener and have boosted the zeal to invest, explore and develop alternative sources of energy. Also given that the nuclear energy is a zero carbon emitter, the evolution and transition from oil to nuclear energy for India and the Gulf region is inevitable. This has made the Gulf states like the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia sign bilateral nuclear co - operation agreements with the US. Consecutively, India and the region have also committed to pursue a strategic partnership, specifically in the field of energy. The paper attempts to review the economic growth and the switchover to renewable or alternative energy such as nuclear for India and the Gulf. The paper would also assess its broader implications. India and the Gulf states and vice versa, see each other as a potential partner in developing a knowledge based economy, with regards to R & D. Hence, the paper would look into the prospects for India and the Gulf to jointly harness the alternative energy goal.