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al-Dahmashi al-Enazy
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Cancer Health Care and Patient Satisfaction in Saudi Arabia
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Investigating patient satisfaction is essential to determine the quality of care in order to improve the health care systems. Identifying the areas of improvements can make hospitals more equipped to give better health care which translates into longer lives for patients. This is especially true in case of cancer patients who usually have long treatments with multiple visits to the hospital and frequent interaction with the health staff. If patients are not satisfied with the care they are receiving, it is possible that some may discontinue their treatments. Therefore, learning about cancer patients' perspectives and needs can greatly influence the care outcome. Moreover, such studies may help health institutions to acquire accreditations by not only developing the treatment plans, staff attitudes, but also structurally upgrading their facility to allow for more a comfortable and accessible environment for patients.
Saudi cancer patients have different cancer treatment centers across Saudi Arabia but the major four treatment hospitals usually sought by cancer patients especially with complicated cases are located in Riyadh. These hospitals are: King Faisal specialist hospital and research center, King Fahad medical city, King Fahad hospital at the National Guard, and King Khalid University hospital. There is a lack of comprehensive and comparative studies pertaining to quality health care and patients' satisfaction in these popular cancer centers in Saudi Arabia. Thus, there is still a major need to extensively examine the different parameters effecting care outcome pertaining to patients personal characteristics, the centers' setting, and the staff attitudes. That said, this study will examine cancer patient satisfaction and health care quality in out-patient clinics as well as in-patient wards based on socio-demographic and religious characteristics, perceived health care, clinical and self reported quality of life. This study will be conducted via questionnaires covering the various factors examined by this investigation using a 5-point rating scale ranging from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. The data obtained will be statistically analyzed via t-test and SPSS analysis. Consequently, the aim of study is to examine health care and patient satisfaction in the four major cancer treatment centers in Riyadh on both a micro level (i.e. inside one treatment center) and also on a macro level (i.e. comparing the centers together).