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Towards Increased Usage of Solar Energy in Residential Area: How Ready is the Society to that Transition in the GCC countries?
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GCC countries have the world's largest crude oil reserves. They are also in an area with tremendous potential for development of solar energy projects. In fact, the gulf countries did not neglect searching and establishing projects in renewable energy. Several solar projects have been established or are under construction in the area (e.g. the Solar Village project and the Solar Park in Saudi Arabia, Masdar City and Shams Tower Solar Project in Abu Dhabi, and Qatar's Solar powered clouds).

Governments are eager to invest in solar projects, and to collaborate with foreign companies and corporations. Researchers are proposing new ideas, developing and proctoring different projects, and environmentalists are trying to spread awareness regarding the usage of green and clean energy.

Certainly, one of the key challenges the Gulf countries are expected to face towards incorporating more and more renewable energy into the existing almost exclusively oil-based grid is the acceptance from the public, as the engagement of the society is one of the necessary basses that will help solar projects spread and improve.

This research paper aims to measure the public's knowledge and awareness about green energy and their willingness to start using solar energy as a main source in their households. It also aims to determine obstacles that might be faced prior or during that transition, especially in residential areas. A survey has been designed and conducted in the city of Dammam (in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia). This research paper presents the results of this study, after providing a thorough literature review of the academic literature in that field.