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Gender Differences of Perceived Leadership Skills Among Saudi College Students
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Gender Differences of Perceived Leadership Skills Among Saudi College Students

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been witnessing a steady growth of involvement of Saudi youth in the job market, especially with the government efforts of increasing the contribution of the Saudi workforce in various sectors. One of the country’s development strategic objective is to develop the youth capacity to contribute to the Kingdom’s social and economic development (Ministry of Economic Planning, 2010). As of 2008, Saudi Youth (age 18-24) represent 35% of the country’s working force. Thus, it is not surprising that the Saudi government gives special attention to the role of youth in the kingdom’s development plans as this population sector represent the future generation of the country professionals .The Kingdom’s ninth development plan (2010-2014) specified certain measures to ensure that the Saudi youth develop certain skills to ensure their success as professionals. One area of interest is leadership. The ninth development plan emphasized providing education that “ competes for leadership and contributes to building the knowledge society and meets requirements of socioeconomic and environmental development” (p. 412) . This trend calls to in-depth investigation of the leadership skills that Saudi students are acquiring in universities and colleges. However, the literature suggest that exploring the gender differences in leadership skills is equally crucial (Bruke & Collins, 2001). The purpose of this paper is to explore the gender differences of perceived leadership skills. The study used quantitative methods, namely the Leadership Skills Inventory (LSI). The LSI was distributed to students in two higher education institutes in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Results and discussion of implication will be presented.
Work cited:
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Ministry of Economic and Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2010). The ninth Development Plan (2010-2014).