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Public-private partnerships in education within the GCC region: Learning from international benchmarks
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The development of the public-private partnership (PPP) phenomenon as an infrastructure delivery mechanism has eclipsed its potential for delivering educational services at both higher efficiency, quality and lower prices. The partnerships between the public and private sectors have numerous forms, albeit predominantly in providing Greenfield infrastructure; however, an increasing international trend has seen PPPs in developing educational services. The Gulf Cooperation Council states’ public schools have for long suffered from both lower quality of their infrastructure utilities, and also performance of students when compared to international benchmarks. Although the governments of the GCC states have been generous funders of building schools and providing free education to their citizens, budgetary constraints resultant from lower oil prices are forcing these governments to revisit their financing models, and involving the private sector in providing the financing needed for building, maintaining, operating and running their schools. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of ways in which the expertise of the private sector can be tapped to provide educational services in the GCC countries. More importantly, it will highlight the institutional and regulatory, challenges that can potentially limit the capacity of these countries to fully benefit from the private sector’s experience in delivering educational programs.