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Dr. Ahmed
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Smart Policies for Smart Cities: Regulating the Smart Government in Dubai
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Contemporary society is highly dependent on utilizing smart applications and technologies for communicating and delivering services to citizens and for improving the quality of life in general. Despite the potential advantages of putting in place such new smart tools, the introduction of the notions of smart cities and smart governments poses many challenges for governments. From regulatory and policy perspectives, a whole set of legal, social, and technical issues come into play. In this regard, the paper argues that having conducive regulatory and policy frameworks is a prerequisite for the smooth and successful transition towards Smart cities. The paper examines and analyses the regulatory and policy framework for the smart government project in Dubai in an attempt to underscore the main opportunities and challenges facing this project on the ground. The paper builds on an extensive research and empirical material developed by the author while he was working with Dubai government on the issue of smart government regulatory policies and governance. The analysis of the regulatory and policy environment for Dubai smart government has indicated that, the Government of Dubai was keen from day one on putting in place the required incentive schemes and major millstones for the successful implementation of the project. Nonetheless, the full transformation towards the smart cities requires in addition to providing all the new technology and infrastructure needed a new way of thinking about the role of government in regulating other societal players. Furthermore, the notion of smart cities introduces a new set of regulatory and policy issues that governments have to garble with and pay attention to via formulating smart regulations and sound policies. Chief among those issues is the matter of information security and privacy.