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The timing is ripe for EU-GCC Clean Energy Cooperation: First Proposals emerged from the Respective Network
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In light of the unprecedented worldwide economic downturn, the true challenge would be to address the global issues of economy sustainability, employment & climate change. The economic development that is based on carbon intensive footprints would have to be gradually abandoned in favor of more sustainable energy practices.
Promoting Clean Energy Solutions (CES) in the EU and GCC regions include two types of measure measures. Those aiming at reducing specific consumption (energy consumption per capita, or energy input per unit of GDP) and measures aiming at improving the uptake of clean energy options.
In order to respond to this common interest, the EC-GCC Clean Energy Network has been formed. The Network, aims to promote and facilitate a number of joint demonstration and pilot projects being implemented with participation of EU and GCC entities in the area of clean energy, thanks to the support from the European Commission and the GCC Secretariat.
In particular, the process followed in the Network context include (1) identification of opportunities for the implementation of demonstration & pilot projects, (2) communication within the EU-GCC entities to stimulate joint demonstration & pilot projects, facilitating thus the “match-making” process for their implementation and (3) assessment of their results and impacts, based on the reactions of other entities in the EU and GCC areas as well as internationally.
Priority is given to project ideas that will steer the GCC energy systems towards a lower carbon and greater economic efficiency state. The main focus of the analysis will be laid on identification of project ideas that can effectively support such transformations and investment support strategies, taking into consideration investors’ expectations, commodity prices and technology innovations.
In this paper, the first results and insights of this process will be presented and discussed, mainly concerning the opportunities for cooperation, including among other effective energy and environmental management in the building sector, sustainable energy action plans for the GCC municipalities, decision support frameworks for energy and environmental corporate responsibility.