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The foreign policy of the Gulf States with Latin America: beyond a south-south connection.
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A few years ago who would have thought that the Latin American countries would develop an active diplomacy in order to get closer to the Gulf countries thus giving a \"renewed vigor to forms of non-alignment post-bipolar.\"

Far from radicalism to the Iranian-Venezuelan revolutionary rhetoric. The study of relations between the Gulf countries and Latin America led to the conclusion that the Gulf countries that have adopted the way of the alliance and prudence turned to economic cooperation. The Gulf countries have close relations with Washington in all domains. Thus, in getting closer to the Latin American countries, the Gulf countries seek neither confrontation with the United States nor support of the Iranian-Venezuelan speech. Strongly noted that the Gulf countries have no clear strategy towards the south. In fact, they develop economic relations with several countries around the world but Europe and the United States remain their main partners. The South American countries want to attract investors from the Gulf and the Gulf States were favorable to their request, several agreements were also signed to promote trade between Mercosur and the GSC.

This brings us to ask ourselves several questions. What are the crucial decisions (reasons) that influence the formulation of foreign policy of Gulf countries in Latin America? What is the political culture and the plans of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States in foreign policy? The foreign policy of the Gulf countries with Latin America may be considered as a South-South reconciliation (rapprochement). We will try to show how the foreign policy of Gulf countries in Latin America is a kind of \"smart power\" in the American way of combining alliances and prudence in the heart of the diplomatic action.