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Al Qahtani
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The Rise of Feminism in the Gulf: Qatar and Kuwait Comparative Study
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The Rise of Feminism in the Gulf: Qatar and Kuwait Comparative Study
The Gulf states have witnessed many social transformations in the past few decades. These transformations have affected gender relations and the social status of women in the Gulf societies. Through the introduction of many ultra-modern technologies like satellite televisions, mobile phones, and the internet, in addition to the development of the economic and social systems in the region, most of the Gulf women have been exposed to the world beyond their conservative environments.
However, each society has its characteristics with regard to women’s movement. For instance, Kuwaiti women seek more political recognition and representation in their society, while Saudi women are pursuing their right to drive. Likewise, Qatari women have witnessed great changes in the post-oil discovery era. Many of these changes have been controversial among the conservative society.
Qatari social novels have highlighted the case of Qatari women in many areas such as education, traditions, workforce and the right of women in marriage. The themes of these novels show the organic relationship between the society and literature. This paper will attempt to look at the social and cultural construction of gender in the Qatari society and compare it to that of the Kuwaiti society in order to understand and assess the similarities and the differences existing in each society. Modern literature will provide an insightful look at these social and cultural representation and the rise of feminism in the selected Gulf countries.