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Abu Shehab
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Feminine discourse and strategies of estrangement and transcendence in the modern Qatari story
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Feminine discourse and strategies of estrangement and transcendence in the modern Qatari story

Dr. Rami Abu Shehab
Qatar university

The Gulf society has a unique Cultural structure for many factors, history, religion , environment, and family values. This is related to the Hierarchy structure power such as the masculine or traditional power as a result of prevailing an intolerant culture . There is an feminist attitude against the dominance that Excludes and obscures females existence , as a result we noticed a beginning in respond of discourse throughout a short story as a tool and function to enable women to criticize these values and deconstruct social hegemony, which often does not tolerate or meet humane feminine behavior or attitude .
This paper aims to investigate the feminine narrative discourse (short story ) in Qatar, The study resorted to employ the concept of discourse as a cultural practice. These stories are looking to reflect feminine perspectives especially in different context . In order to deconstruct a dominant society in which the female writers apply some strategies, firstly they are focusing in visible , or feminist representations such as the body and soul , the presence of an incomplete, personality , social perspective and functional role. These strategies are related to some themes as a content of the stories however these themes have another discourse function related to the confrontation between the female configuration and society.
This paper is based on an assumption that the feminist writings in Qatar maintains a kind of slash-and-transcendence on social values such as male domination, as an example that the feminist body is excluded and considered sacred even in marriage relations , and this is hindering and blocking communications or healthy connections between the female and the community patriarchal values. There are amputated and amend limited relations, which therefore means a stand in cultural manifested in the Qatari story that relies on certain styles to express this feminist cultural attitude, which we will seek to test throughout this study, for that we are looking to examine a text to Kalthum Jaber and Noora Al Saad, Huda Al-Nuaimi, Hissa Alawadi, Bushara Naser , Um Aktham, Sarha and others . These samples represent modern Qatari writings from the beginning of the story in 1970’s era to today.
This study is going to apply a cultural approach in order to get results therefore we are looking to find out the relation between the text and how the culture shapes how women represent her body and whole existence , and the tension that reflected it from the text . Sometimes they are using a Figurative , metaphoric and symbolic style. Finally What is the authors approach and perspective that they are looking to express , in addition to that we are aiming to find if feminist writings in Qatar. Get to manage and reflect a clear attitude against the societies practice .