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Women Empowerment through Globalization: A Case Study on Bahrain
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Globalization is a complex process that involves many aspects of life, proceeds at a diverse pace in different parts of the world, has an impact on every group of individuals in a different way. Globalization has brought the world together politically, economically, and socially. Today, the effects of globalization have increased women’s roles in the global economy.
Women in the Middle East and within the GCC in particular have shown great developments in all aspects of society. The GCC governments have been working in various ways to improve women’s status. So far, women in the Arabian Gulf countries have reached leading positions in ministerial and administrative posts, and have been influential in the private sector too. Gulf women have attained leading posts as members of parliament, directors of government institutions as well as various political groups.
The proposed study will test to what extent globalization has enabled women to succeed politically, economically, and socially in the GCC countries including the success of government policies to support women in the Arabian Gulf region considering Bahrain as a model because it has been a great example to women’s institutional activities. Bahraini women have the longest experience in participating in political, economic, and social dynamics within the GCC. Bahrain has a pioneer experience and has been a model for women empowerment since the beginning of the 19th century. Bahrain was one of the earliest countries in the GCC to open a school for girls in 1928. Since then the Bahraini women emerged into divergent activities including heading women’s unions and societies that spread out in the kingdom today.
The paper further aims to study the impact of King Hamad’s reform’s project during 2001-2011 in enabling the Bahraini woman to play a more significant role in the Bahraini society through initiating the Supreme Council for Women in 2001 with a vision that “women are a worthy partner in participating with the growth and development of a state”.
In addition to state policy, globalization had an impact on Bahrain’s trend towards empowering women who established their own societies and participated in different disciplines of life in Bahraini civil society including unions. Bahrain is one of the few countries in the GCC that has accepted globalization with an open mind and allowed it to fit in with society. Bahrain has welcomed many international organizations in the country aiming to empower women through their goal of democracy promotion.
An attempt has been made to illustrate how the Gulf women view globalization with a focus on Bahraini women. Bearing in mind that globalization has had negative as well as positive impact on women in Bahrain. Finally whether globalization vs. modernization in the GCC and its effects on gender equality in Bahrain.
This study will primarily be based on documenting for women’s role in the GCC and Bahrain. The basic argument is supported by evidence from research papers and books from institutions dealing with women. In addition the paper will include articles and statements from official newspapers and documents. Furthermore, the research will bring in viewpoints from officials within Kingdom of Bahrain.