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An Ignored Battleground: Iran, GCC and their Geopolitical Rivalry in Sudan
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The current research on Iranian-GCC competition has focused too much on West Asia, such as Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon, etc. Nevertheless, their rivalry in Eastern Africa, such as Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti has been somehow ignored by the academia.
This paper debates the development of Sudan relations with Iran and the Gulf states during the period between June 1989 and February 2017. It discusses the implications of this relationship on the Gulf security, and the geopolitical conflict between Iran and the Gulf states especially Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea and the horn of Africa. It follows the accelerated development in the Sudanese - Iranian relations during this period as it contradicted the principles of Sudanese diplomacy pre -1989, which emphasized solid links with the Gulf at the time. The paper examines the dynamics after 1989 that led the Sudanese regime to abandon the principles of its interactions with the outside world. It probes the transformation in Sudanese relations with Iran and the Gulf, from security and political ally with Iran to its adversary in the region. The article poses questions related to the change in the form and shape of Sudanese hostile relations with Saudi Arabia to strategic partnership in the region. It also investigates various strands within the regime perception of regional politics with different lenses. The paper highlights the vital importance and the complexity of Gulf and Iranian links to the survival of the Sudanese regime. It also looks at the opportunities and challenges in the new era of Sudan relations with the Gulf states.