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Human Capital Production at Business Departments of GCC Universities
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The socioeconomic crises that different countries are facing at present are often thought to be the result of human resource mismanagement and inappropriate human capital facilitation. Therefore, the paper addresses the issues of human capital production and facilitation in higher education. The paper puts special emphasis on business, management and leadership fields, since these spheres could be viewed as among the most widely involved areas in human capital production and development. The issue is particularly timely in the present day increased job market competition throughout the world.
The objectives of the paper are to raise the awareness of human resource management professionals, as well as managerial staff and ordinary employees, regarding the importance of developing and incentivizing higher cognitive capabilities and leadership skills in individuals for the purposes of their wider inclusion in human capital production process. The three important aspects are emphasized in this respect.
Firstly, the identification, enhancement and facilitation of the appropriate human cognitive capabilities, leadership skills and empowerment of individuals to utilize those potentials to the full extent will contribute to both raising public awareness and to engendering positive socioeconomic change.
Secondly, the development of trust and intercultural awareness in business relations are yet further key issues in human capital production and human resource management process.
Thirdly, empowering employees’ decision-making and creative innovating potentials are essential elements of human capital and resource facilitation.
The paper looks at the higher education institutions of GCC countries, the study programs, descriptions and novel approaches to business education in the departments of business administration and leadership and tries to identify strengths and weakness for future improvements that might turn out essential for the future development of human resource management at any company, organization or institution.
The transformations that education systems in the GCC countries go through often incentivize the emergence of novel ideas, approaches and the design of study programs. Oftentimes western academics claim that the challenges and transformations in the GCC countries make them think about introducing novelties in their universities as well.
Business management and administration fields constantly go through innovations and creative approaches to learning. Designing new business projects and implementing them practically are crucial elements of study programs and syllabi of business administration departments.
Taking the issue further afield on an international level is becoming an increasingly key part of business study programs. Multinational corporations and companies look for innovation and leadership skills with crosscultural awareness and global understanding in their employees. Therefore, study programs with international elements and comparative analysis of cross country practices are becoming more widely practices in higher education institutions of GCC countries.
Online companies present even more interesting challenges to business administration departments where the human capital needs even further upgrade.
The paper looks into the issues of innovating business study programs and syllabi at GCC universities in respect to human capital production and human resource management on local, international and on-line levels.