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What Lessons Does Brexit Teach the GCC?
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The Gulf is in the eye of a perfect storm. The internal challenges it is facing because of the falling oil prices, the need to restructure the region’s economies and create job opportunities to its youth bulge, in addition to the need to combat extremism are only the tip of the iceberg. Regionally, a resurgent Iran meddling in the affairs of neighbouring states, the prolonged war in Syria and Yemen and the refugee crisis, the violent instability in Iraq, the shaky alliance with Egypt, and the Russian involvement in the region which corresponds to an American withdrawal further aggravate the Gulf Countries’ woes. And while the Gulf leaders might find some consolation in a new American administration that might be willing to reinstall the strategic business as usual relationship the Gulf and the US once enjoyed, or a post-Brexit United Kingdom willing to expand its cooperation with the Gulf on multiple security, economic and political fronts, there are lessons to be learned from Brexit and the rise of populism in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, especially as the Gulf tries to address its problems with more cooperation and resolve.
Therefore this paper proposes conducting an analysis of the lessons Brexit and the rise of populism teaches the Gulf Cooperation Countries on the individual, state and international levels, as well as exploring how these lessons can pose challenges or opportunities for the Gulf’s own integration attempts.