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The Case for Reviving in View of the Nuclear Accord with Iran the GRC’s Sub-regional Initiative in 2004-2006 for the Creation of a Gulf WMD Free Zone
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This paper explores one alternative disarmament strategy for the Middle East/Gulf aiming at a sub-regional zone in the Gulf free of Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Vehicles (WMD/DVs Free Zone). This idea has to be seen as part of the overall effort after the failed NPT Review Conference in New York in May 2015 and the Helsinki Conference on a WMD/DVs Free Zone, which did not take place. The main reason for developing alternative ideas is due to the fact that the traditional idea of getting at an overnight nuclear disarmament by Israel has not been successful so far. To be sure, the historical record of the sub-regional approach is mixed, but that under the new circumstances (keyword: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between the E3+3 and Iran, JCPOA) it is worthwhile to further explore the WMD/DVs Free Zone for the Gulf.
This would apply to other concepts as well, such as the much less demanding Nuclear Test Free Zone or a Reprocessing Free Zone in the Middle East as building blocks toward an all-encompassing WMD/DVs Free Zone. For that to find out, from the perspective of the Coordinator of the ACADEMIC PEACE ORCHESTRA MIDDLE EAST, a song or choir contest (if this metaphor is allowed) would be the right setting. Therefore, an appropriate publication forum would be the right tool to so, possibly in interaction with a proved setting such as a cycle of workshops. With the First Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (PrepCom) in spring 2017 in Vienna coming closer, this is the right time to start. By late 2016/early 2017 would have a clearer understanding which idea (or combination of ideas) would be much more preferable to the traditional approach. Security for all – the ultimate goal of any (zonal) concept – should be the winner.