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Salim Saji
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Impact of entrepreneurial education on Entrepreneurial efficacy enhancement among students in UAE
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This article examines the impact of entrepreneurial and innovation course on developing entrepreneurial self- efficacy among undergraduate students in United Arab Emirates. The study aims to evaluate the effect of entrepreneurial educational pedagogy adapted by schools or universities on making a continual change on the learner.
The study used a questionnaire to collect data on entrepreneurial efficacy which included innovative thinking, managing ambiguity, opportunity seeking, having a different view of market, networking, deal making, problem identification and solving, team work, taking calculated risk and self-efficacy.

Students who already had some previous exposure to business situations and students who did not have any exposure were analysed as two groups and were compared for this difference in entrepreneurship self-efficacy scores two months after entrepreneurship and innovation course completion.

The study has its relevance as it can give insights into the pedagogy used in delivering entrepreneurship course to the group and necessary changes that can be made to enrich future curriculum development and course delivery of the same. It also brings validity to the existing course delivery which enhances entrepreneurship self- efficacy among students.

As such entrepreurship and innovation is a highly demanded course across all universities in the world and it is equally important to a country like UAE which is rapidly developing strategies to move from an oil dominated economy to other sectors of development. The research adds value to the existing knowledge of entrepreneurship education in a collectivist society using an international curriculum in the delivery of the course. The insights from the findings can be used by policy makers in designing methods to enhance entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

Key words: entrepreneurial education; entrepreneurship, self-efficacy