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Al Mahdi
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Application of the Qualification Framework to enhance the quality of the work force in the UAE
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The UAE has been diversifying and modernizing its economy by expanding the tourism, financial, trade and energy sectors with the aim to transform its economy into a model where growth is driven by knowledge and innovation. As construction activities slowdown, new occupations will emerge requiring new set of skills and competencies to fuel the knowledge economy. The UAE realizes that this shift to a knowledge economy can only be accomplished by enhancing the skills and productivity of the workforce. This realization is reflected by the UAE human resource development agenda that aims to raise the quality of its workforce by increasing the share of "Knowledge Workers" in the labor force to 40% by 2021 as stipulated in the UAE Vision 2021. The achievement of this goal is driven by developing and nurturing the indigenous workforce and attracting appropriate knowledge workers who are qualified and experienced to the level needed by the economy. Accurate identification of such knowledge workers is therefore an important factor in ensuring that only appropriately qualified and experienced individuals are recruited. This paper explores the efforts of the UAE in applying the UAE Qualification Framework, to ensure the quality of the labour force. The paper focuses on three distinct approaches:
• by developing qualifications that are aligned with the Qualification Framework in terms of learning outcomes to ensure that the labour force of the future possess the skills required for the knowledge economy.
• by using the Qualification Framework to recognise international qualifications and experiences of the expatriate workforce against the levels of the Framework and by quantifying the value of their qualification in terms of credit hours.
• by skill testing and professional licensing against the requirements of the qualification framework.

The paper outlines the challenges and opportunities generated and examines the impact of each approach on achieving the national agenda target.