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I propose to write a paper about economic and security roles GCC countries will have in a future Yemen National Dialogue Conference. This will be the GCC as an organization or as individual countries. The paper will start out with the main national interests and priorities each GCC country has in Yemen and provide and analysis of how these interests will influence the policies GCC countries will likely adopt in assisting in a future Yemen National Dialogue Conference. These GCC interests will then be compared to the objectives set forth in the conclusions of the National Dialogue Conference 2013-2014. After an in depth analysis of competing and overlapping interests between GCC countries and different stake holders in Yemen, I will propose courses of action GCC countries and the Yemeni government can take to strengthen areas of overlapping interests and avoid or bridge any areas of competing interests for an overall objective to increase integration and interdependence between the GCC and Yemen.

I have past experience working with members of the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference and hosted them as co-Director of the Yemeni National Security Strategy Workshop in Washington DC in the summer of 2013. From 2012-2014 I visited Sanaa three times doing workshops with the Yemeni Armed Forces at the Yemeni High Military Academy. I plan to interview members of the former Yemen National Dialogue Conference as well as Emiratis who are working on the UAE's efforts in Yemen to better understand the top interests and priorities, as well as ground realities of the political challenges facing not only convening a future National Dialogue Conference, but also being able to implement its recommendations, which was a stumbling block for the last National Dialogue Conference. The paper will focus on the nexus between security and economic challenges, threats and opportunities for future GCC cooperation with Yemen in the National Security Dialogue.