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The Role of the GCC in Yemen’s Economic Development
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This proposal aims to examine the role of the GCC in the reconstruction and economic development in Yemen in the post Arab Spring. It looks more broadly at the political economy of the GCC-Yemen relations from a developmental perspective, particularly the issues of economic aid and economic integration. After an extensive political and military intervention by the GCC countries in Yemen since 2011, one may question the rationality of the passive role of the GCC in the economic development of this country. Of course, Yemen is strategically important for the GCC, particularly Saudi Arabia and Oman, but the efforts made by the GCC to sustain a reasonable levels of social and economic development in Yemen have been insignificant in the past decades.
While some analysts call for greater role of the GCC in providing humanitarian and economic aid to Yemen, this paper argues that the economics cost of the GCC to secure a better future for the country is much cheaper by integrating the country in the GCC than providing an economic aid. This argument is based on the long-term prospect of the GCC-Yemen strategic relationship, rather than a short-terms perspective of providing aid to compensate for the damage caused by the military operation and containing Yemen in light of the increasing Iranian influence in the country. The paper will underscore the cost-benefit of integration for both the GCC and Yemen, if a political decision is made for full Yemeni accession into the GCC. It ends by concluding that the security and stability of Yemen through sustainable economic development is critical for the stability and prosperity of the GCC.