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What nuclear energy means forthe Gulf: Opportunities and Risks
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Nuclear civil energy issue has gained importance since 14 states in the Asia and Middle East opted for civil nuclear energy in 2006-07. According to Western concerns this could be the begining of a new nuclear cascade. This concern has continued till the finalization of Joint Comphrensive Nuclear Deal in 2015. Apart from this concern of likely proliferation, due to the Fukusima nuclear reactor melt down new nuclear saferty issues has come into a fore. International community since than is working on more safe reactor types as well as new non-proliferation norms. As part of changing global energy in the 2000s onwards energy supply security has become an imminent security matter not only for consuming countres but also to the producers of hydro-carbons. Hence, it is very natural for countries of Gulf as being producers to take into account of avoiding any likely disptruptions in hydro-carbon deliveries together with searching diversification of enregy resources. In this regard, attaining homegrown means of energy like nuclear and reneables together with accopmlishing energy efficiency becomes very important at today’s rapidly changing energy World outlook. So, this paper tries to examine the real motivations that made Gulf countries to start their ambitious civil nuclear energy plans via building new nuclear reactors. Of course, we will also try to make assumption about how this nuclear path of Gulf will be assessed in future both from the Western perspective of security as well as the others in the Middle East.