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A win-win situation: Capitalizing on the Rising Entrepreneurial Spirit among Egyptian Upper Middle Class Youth Working in the Gulf to Advance Economic Development in Egypt
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In the 1970s and 1980s, when our parents’ generation sought employment opportunities in the Gulf, their two main goals were: financial security and social mobility. They were not keen on taking risks by stepping into uncharted territories, and hence most of their investment choices revolved around real estate, which had a high return on investment and low risk factors. But nowadays things have changed. There is a rising number of Egyptian upper middle class youth who travel to and work in the Gulf to secure the necessary capital or seed money to start their own businesses or ventures back home. This surge is coupled with the desire to acquire more information about the market and its trends, in addition to acquiring knowledge about the fundamentals of business administration. However there are also concerns and doubts because the political and economic instability in Egypt increases the risk factors, which stand in the way of turning these entrepreneurial ambitions into much needed actions. Therefore to understand how young Egyptians view this issue, their motivations, fears and demands I would like to conduct an online survey among a sample of young labor migrants in the Gulf countries, and combine the findings with structured interviews and reports to provide an account on how the youth and the government alike can capitalize on this $20 billion opportunity to reach a win-win situation.