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Vienna accord and prospect of pan gulf cooperation and security
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The security in the Gulf for more than a century was assured by the Pax Brtannica till 1971 when Britain decided to withdraw from East of Suez for many reasons.Pax Britannica was replaced by Pax Americana which depended on the the Shah of Iran as the police man of the Gulf with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia in the face of communist threat and Saddam ambitions which were checked by Iran in a delicate balance of power for the sake of collective security paradigm serving the interests of both local ,regional and global western powers.The third phase started with the violent Iranian revolution against the Shah and all his alliances amidst the heat of the cold war. This phase lasted till now and many tragic events made the conflict in the region the constant feature and consrquently two hostile mode of security persisted over these decades. The fourth phase may start with the Vienna accord with Iran since July 2015 which sparked many ambivalent speculations about the impact and repercussions of this accord on the prospect of deterioration on the tension scale or forcing all the parties concerned towards a calculated deals in all the hotbeds of conflict and contention especial in the acute rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia as well as the arab Israeli conflict. This rivalryhad enflamed many fronts from Syria to Iraq,Yemen and even Lebanon. It has manipulated factionalism and terrorism(ISIS).The paper hopes to explore the opportunities for peaceful deals for all these tragic files.Of course ,Europe and the US have a stake in stabilizing the Gulf and engage Iran in the regional political agenda to transform its surplus power into a positive energy to security,prosperity and stability.Therefore ,the determination of all parties to wotk together in absolute bona fide will result in a happy end for many tragic conflicts in this turbulent region of the world.