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Sutan Emir
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The Social Media Adoption by Public Sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain
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This study aims to measure the current degree of social media adoption by public sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It includes the type of information received by the public from the government agencies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. A descriptive analysis with frequency distribution and weighted mean is used to analyze demographic profile, internet preferences and government information sources. The study employs two types of survey methods in collecting data namely; checklist and questionnaire surveys. A snowball sampling technique was employed for sampling selection. 384 (76.8%) out of 500 respondents responded and found that all Bahrain government’s ministries have social media platforms with at least one official account to reach out to different segments of the society. It also revealed that the respondents are active internet users who are looking for information in different platforms such as search engines, social media, and have interests in different media forms like blogs, forums, official websites as well as multimedia images and videos. Meanwhile, the respondents are interested in various types of information from the government that range from serious topics like emergency alerts, citizens rights, and healthcare, to lighter topics like ways to protect the environment, science and technology and job seeking advice. This clearly implies that there is a need to increase the dissemination of information by the government of Bahrain through social media.
Keywords: Social Media, e-Government, Public Sector, Internet Preferences Sources, Government Information Sources, Government Entity