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Introduction to Initiative of establishing “Bahrain Industrial Partnership Innovation Centre (BIPIC) ©”
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I shall explore the case of how Qatar - in the field of Technology Innovation Centers - is enjoying the benefits of transnational connections and what Bahrain and other Gulf countries could benefits from this. There shall be different cases studies of how transnational connections work in the domain of establishing Technology Innovation Centers in Qatar.

Smart Economy Smart Bahrain: Bahrain economy clearly recognizes the need towards shifting from oil based to knowledge based economy – especially with the continuation of reduction of oil prices worldwide. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the main pillars for knowledge based economy. One of proven tools that fosters Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the world is Technology Innovation Centers. These TICs differ in their roles depending on their purpose and sector they operate within. Ebrahim is proposing one type of Technology Innovation centers that will lead to immediate and guaranteed benefits. As a main enabler of the success of TICs is the use of transnational connections, knowledge transfer hubs, and international connections on think tank, university and governmental levels.

The Technology Innovation Centre (TICs) framework was studied in a specific prospective. My MPhil research was titled” The Potential Role of Technology Innovation Centres within Bahrain Innovation Strategy”. This research describes the overall characteristics of TICs. It covered the definition of TICs roles and missions. It also explored different types of TICs and their general framework. Finally it highlighted 20 TICs enablers of success. One of the key enablers is the transnational connections.

Bahrain Experience: JAFCON Consultants worked with Ministry of Industry and Commerce on a unique national project called “Industrial Subcontracting” for enabling local SMEs to manufacture locally the imported industrial products. The project led to identification of $1.6 Billion worth of imported industrial components, and enabled 8 SMEs to manufacture 399 of these imported components, locally. Moreover, the locally manufactured item secured significant saving comparing to the cost of import. The cost saving in some item was up to 98.1%, with an overall 60% saving of the 399 products.

Proposed Bahrain Industrial Partnership Innovation Centre (BIPIC) Definition: Bahrain Industrial Partnership Innovation Centre is a physical Technology Innovation Center, where the imported industrial products to Bahrain are identified. BIPIC helps Bahraini SMEs/ Entrepreneurs to manufacture these imported products locally. BIPIC shall provide technical and other supports for localizing these imported products.

BIPIC Anticipated Output: the main anticipated outcomes are as follows:
•Providing entrepreneurs with value added business ideas and enabling them establishing their startups.
•Assisting SMEs to expand their businesses by locally manufacturing the imported products.
• Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to invest in Bahrain, as the opportunities are vivid.
•Establishing joint ventures between FDI and local Entrepreneurs/SMEs, which lead to knowledge transfer and creation of jobs.
•Reducing imported products, and instead, redirecting the capital within Bahrain, hence reducing capital expatriation.

BIPIC is currently under development under the sponsorship of local university in Bahrain. The Gulf Cambridge Meeting can lead to finding a transnational connection to make such initiative materialize on the ground.