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Towards unifying/unitary system of IPR in Morocco and GCC
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Relating to the Arab world map Morocco is the furthest geographically amongst the GCC. Yet, it is probably the closest, in many aspects, to the GCC group. Since the Arab spring events, Morocco and GCC group’s ties have become stronger. Adhesion of Morocco to GCC is considered. What chances does this hypothesis have? Because of Morocco’s advanced agricultural abilities, experienced army, labor force and multidimensional knowledge, the hypothesis is fathomable and therefore becoming deeply rooted.
Morocco is linked to USA through the Free Trade Agreement signed on ….Therefore making it an attractive place to invest in and to further exports towards American markets.
In order to export to the USA, Morocco has to abide by intellectual property regulation. According to USTR’s watch list, Morocco is not considered as a pirate state. In Morocco, intellectual property is has been protected since 1916. To be in accordance with the TRIP’s agreement, Morocco renewed its intellectual property legislation on 2000. The agreement was not enough for the free trade relationship. Thereafter, in 2006 Morocco renewed, once again, its IPR laws; same as some of the GCC states.
As result, the legislation of IPR in Morocco and GCC countries is in conformity with international and US standards. It is a good opportunity to think about a unitary IPR regulation in GCC and Morocco like in European Union (Community patent). GCC trademark law draft is a first step for the adoption of unified provisions across GCC states. Let’s think about unitary registration and enforcement system with a central court for “GCC states and Morocco group”. They have to move with the regionalization/globalization of IPR issues: Internet regulation, TRIPs, ACTA, etc. They have to meet the challenge of the transition to a knowledge society.