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Great Power and Regional Power Influence on Yemen: The United States, Iran, and Arabian Gulf Countries
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I am examining the situation of Yemen from an international relations perspective. That is to say, I am examining the interests of three main powers, which are United States of America, Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Arabian Gulf countries. I am analyzing what is at stake with each of these mentioned powers in Yemen. What are their interests to participate or withdraw participation in the case of Yemen? How do we interpret the American involvement in Iran, Iran’s aggressive role in shaping the political realities in Yemen, and the Arabian Gulf client in the case of Yemen. I am examining the interest for each of United States, Iran, and the Arabian Gulf countries.

Firstly, as for the United States, one integral factor that shapes the United States participation in the case of Yemen is the alliance between the United States and Iran shape the American Situation. The United States wanted Iran to be the regional hegemon in the Middle East, which explains the cooperation between the two countries. Moreover, Al-Qaida’s existence in Yemen makes the United States prefer to work with (Hootheien) in order to contain the raising power of Al-Qaida by supporting Iranian arms in Yemen.

Secondly, Iran has the long-held intention to be the regional hegemon of the Arabian Gulf. Iran dreams of being the regional hegemon on the Middle East, despite the economic struggle and troubling system coupled with domestic unrest. Based on some research, since the 1990s Iran has supported the Hootheien in Yemen. I will examine here how Iran has historically helped the Hootheien to control Yemen.

Thirdly, Arabian Gulf countries were heavily influenced by the Arab Spring and with the idea of the Brotherhood. One may argue that the sweeping wave of Brotherhood had its own ramifications on the Arabian Gulf countries foreign policies. That explains the Arabian Gulf countries withdrawal in the case of Yemen, and the convergence between Egypt and Arabian Gulf countries.