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The future of Yemen's unity
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The future of the Yemeni unity
Since Yemen united in 1990 from what was known as the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), and this unity is suffering from a lot of problems which threatened the survival of this unity. One of the most serious of these problems, the war that took place in 1994 between the unity partners (the leaders of North and South)), which led to the victory of the north side, and the defeat of the south side. This has resulted in: a sense by the part of the southerners that they were excluded from power, and they are "occupied" by the northerners.
As a result; in 2007, a movement calling for the secession of the south was appeared, called the Southern Movement. Since then, the movement has evolved and been able to mobilize a lot of supporters, and separatist demands became more pronounced in the southern regions, especially after the fall of dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime in 2012.
After the fall of the Yemeni capital Sana'a in September 2014 separatism in the south rose dramatically, Which indicates that the fate of the Yemeni unity became vague.
In order to know the fate of the Yemeni unity, We will develop a number of scenarios as follows:
1- Survival Yemen unified scenario, in the same form in which it was since 1990.
2- The scenario survival Yemen unified according to a new federal form (federal, confederal)
3- Ending the Yemeni unity and re Yemen to the same situation as it was before 1990 scenario.
4- chaos and disintegration of Yemen to many entities scenario.