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Dr. Maram
First Name:
Mohammed Ali
Title of Paper:
Federal Union is the Future of Yemen’s Unity
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Federal Union is the Future of Yemen’s Unity
Dr. Mohammed Ali Maram
The Republic of Yemen importance of geographic universal, Yemen suffers from a complex political problematic, linked by geographical roots and social history, which reflected itself on the political reality more complex, and will have a negative impact on neighboring countries, the Gulf States, the Petroleum Exporting capacity engine in the global industry, and impact another negative to the world, given the importance of the geographical location overlooking the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

The current study used the curriculum deductive, inductive, to search and to demonstrate, how the overall objective validity of the study, which seeks to prove, that the solution to the political Yemeni problem lies in changing the form of the state, from the simple state, according to the current reality, to a federal state, consisting of a number of competitive regions. Based researcher to visions of all the political components of the official party and community, and who participated in the comprehensive national dialogue conference, which is sponsored by the United Nations, and the control of its ten countries worldwide, in addition to the Gulf States. It will also prove health researcher goal by answering a number of questions addressed to the leadership of a group of actors in the political components of the Yemeni political reality.

Past and present Yemen indicates that there is no future for the survival of Yemen's security, stable and prosperous, but under the federation system. After four years of the unification of Yemen in 1990, in a republican system, different partners in the government, this led to the declaration of secession by representatives of the southern state in the year 1994 . The Republic of Yemen has remained unstable, politically, economically and socially. With the advent of the Arab revolutions, the Yemeni youth revolution or peaceful revolution of change emerged too,