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The Adoption of the American Model of Fair Use in U.A.E Copyright Law
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The fair use doctrine is one of the most important and enigmatic doctrines in the copyright law of the United States. IP scholars and experts have suggested introducing flexible open-ended copyright exception such as fair use instead of the restrictive exception currently adopted in developing countries to accommodate copyright laws to suit social and cultural needs, and keep pace with digital technological developments. The paper studies the merits and demerits of this proposal from the perspective of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) that follows the continental European system of author’s rights. It reviews limitations and exceptions in the U.A.E Copyright Law and compares it with copyright laws in other countries such as the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France and Germany. The paper argues that reforming limitations and exceptions in the U.A.E Copyright Law is critically needed to suit the ambitious agenda of the country to be a leading competitive nation and a knowledge- based economy that fosters innovation and creativity in accordance with the U.A.E Vision for 2021. It examines the various options available to the U.A.E legislator to reform its copyright regime and suggests the adoption of a liberal system of limitation and exceptions to suit the needs of the U.A.E and its citizens in the 21st Century. Finally, the paper provides recommendations and suggestions for reforming copyright laws in developing countries and concludes with a summary of its main conclusion.