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The future of nuclear energy in the midst of nuclear non-proliferation concerns: How likely the Gulf experience be successful?
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Nuclear energy surely when compared to other sources of energy despite to its various defects-like the case of Japanese and Russian Chernobyl fall outs disasters-has many technical and economic advantageous. And, these advantageous factors are becoming more crucial in the face of increasing demand for worldwide petrol and natural gas while the supply of these precious sources are doom to diminish sometime in future. That is why in the last couple of years, the demand for new nuclear reactors- for the civilian use- has increased especially in the Middle East and Asia. However, this new demand for nuclear reactors in the Middle East due to the Iranian unsolved nuclear crisis when coincided with the nuclear proliferation concerns of the west, as a solution new strengthen non-proliferation measures are encouraged to be introduced in this part of the world. In this respect, UAE has volunteered to accept one of these measures by signing 123 agreement and hence guaranteed not to produce indigenous way of uranium enrichment. Though this non proliferation attitude of UAE has been displayed as legitimate and responsible act of behavior of developing civilian nuclear energy as an alternative case against the Iranian illegitimate one, since then a debate has occurred among the non-nuclear haves of NPT about their legitimate rights emanating from Article 4 of NPT. That is why; in this paper I would examine whether some countries experiences in the Gulf are likely to be a effective factor in assuring others in the merits of retreating from their indigenous rights of developing civil nuclear energy in the rest of the Middle East.