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The role of North Africa Factor in Shaping the Future of Yemen Unity.
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Among all the gulf countries Yemen has represented a unique experience, it ended the monarchy political system through civil war early 1962- 1970, And it was able to join the Arab Spring revolutions/ turmoil in 2011, and also it was affected by the Political Islam fall in 2013 and 2014.
Yemen state building was affected by the gulf tribal nature; but it resembled North Africa’ political regimes. Yemen was able to lead two regime change 1962 and 2011 (Hypothetically revolutions/ or turmoil), these two main events, proved the Yemeni people have political will to change and that other Gulf countries has minimal effect on that. Also it shows that North Africa’s political developments was attendant and affected Yemen’s politics.
This paper assumes that, Yemen historically was affected by North Africa political changes, and one of the main characteristics that will shape the Yemen Future is the North Africa factor. So this paper examines, the North Africa factor in shaping Yemen future.
The paper looks closely to the North Africa transported “Republic”, the military role in politics and state management, and the interaction between gulf monarchy factor against North Africa military. Taking in to consideration that political Islam model is strongly attendant.