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Mohd Fauzi
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Arab Gulf and South East Asian Relations: Small Economies with Big Aims.
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Global Economic phenomenon and economic transformations in the Arab Gulf has attracted economic groups such as European Union (EU) as well as individual countries to strengthen their economic tie with Arab Gulf in particular Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is clear to say that, the interest towards the Arab Gulf among the Western and Eastern major economies is mainly to secure future oil supplies. However, for small Economies in the Asian continent such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, the interest towards the Arab Gulf could be lead by different issue. Although Oil supplies are not a major concern for the South East Asian countries, there is growing interest from these countries in the region to tap the Arab Gulf market. Explaining this phenomenon, this paper seeks to analyze South East Asian regions’ interest towards the Arab Gulf in terms of economics and businesses aspects. It will then answer whether the South East Asian countries really interested in expanding economics relations with the Arab Gulf, if so, what has been the achievement? And is the development really promising? On the other hand, it is also worth to explore what has been a contribution of the Arab Gulf economies towards the South East countries. This could be seen through the petro-dollar investment in the South East Asian Countries, bilateral trade relations and etc.