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Salim Saji
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Educational Actor’s role in transnational knowledge network in UAE
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Educational Actor’s role in transnational knowledge network in UAE


Dr. Beena Salim Saji
Faculty, Business, HCT AbuDhabi Mens college, PB no: 25035, UAE

Transnational knowledge network is important for any country to develop and enhance the competitiveness of the human resource in terms of technical, social, cultural and environmental sustainability. With globalization and movement of workers or employees across the globe in search of new opportunities leading to a scenario where knowledge networks, platforms and knowledge sharing gains importance, the concept of knowledge mobility through actors or educators in the university become more crucial.
In a country like UAE which is in the world map as an emerging economy, where majority of the population are transnational compared to their own local population, the subject of knowledge sharing is of higher relevance for their economy and development. This paper looks into the contribution of one of the regional universities where a large number of Emiratis or the local population is being educated and the processes through which transnational engagement and knowledge sharing is enabled by the transnational faculty population of the university. The interesting dynamics of developing engagement with a new country, its organizations and then using that knowledge in creating networks and sharing the knowhow with students in class and through out of class assignments, educational trips of the past few years will be analyzed for the study.
Content analysis of existing reports and news related to the university student and faculty engagement with outside organizations – public and private will be analyzed to gain an understanding of actor’s role in mobilizing transnational knowhow across borders and to the local community. The study will add value in creating a comprehensive understanding and acknowledgement of the university teacher’s role in knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and knowledge dissemination with student and community engagement through various educational methods and strategies.